Yawgoo Valley Emergency Medical Services

Yawgoo Valley Ski Patrol

About Us

Yawgoo Valley Emergency Medical Services (YVEMS), is a Rhode Island based 501-c3 non-profit organization with over 50 medically trained volunteers, including physicians, physicians-assistants, nurses, paramedics, EMT's, OEC technicians (National Ski Patrol Outdoor Emergency Care technicians), and first responders. We are a licensed ALS/BLS non-transport EMS service that provides volunteer medical coverage for pre-planned major events, state and local incidents, and the Yawgoo Valley Ski Patrol. The organization began operations as Yawgoo Valley Ski Patrol in 1965 when the ski area originally opened. In the late 1990s our members began thinking about how they could use their training in the "off-season." Yawgoo Valley Search and Rescue was conceived and incorporated in 1999 as a year-round service organization. Early in 2016 the organization's name was changed to Yawgoo Valley Emergency Medical Services to better reflect current operations.